Coastal Communities

Help us to secure £300,000 Coastal Communities Funding for St George’ Quay! What would you like to see – better landscaping & planting, surface improvements, better signage, more interpretation of the heritage? How can we make more of the river frontage? How can we better connect the Quay with Lancaster Castle and Priory and the city centre?

We have been successful with an Expression of Interest to the last round of Coastal Communities (national) funding. We put forward a broad proposal to improve the public realm and better connect St George’s Quay with other key sites and therefore increase footfall and vibrancy.

We are in the process of creating an online platform for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

We are also encouraging people to take a walk and take notes, photographs etc. identifying both issues and opportunities (we will shortly upload maps and instructions; hard copies and drop-off boxes will be available at Quayside venues). Please watch the space!

If you want to join us for a walkover meet us outside the Wagon and Horses at 1 am on Tuesday 23rd September. After the walk we will re-convene at the Wagon and Horses to share feedback (07887 831154).

Image Credit: Terry Parsons
Image Credit: Terry Parsons

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