Woodland Management

Download the Woodland Management Plan here

Woodland management on site will be led by the following agreed objectives, within the woodland compartments defined by the Woodland Management Plan.

  • Maintain woodland cover as an integral component of a mosaic of diverse habitats and land-use zones;
  • Manage trees and woodlands in sympathy with the archaeological, heritage, cultural and landscape value of the site
    Woodland management to be sympathetic to creation and maintenance of safe and attractive footpaths and cycles routes;
  • Views and vistas to shape management policies and practices
  • Increase woodland biodiversity;
  • Maximise engagement and involvement of local communities and volunteers to engage more people with woodland management activities.

We are currently preparing a programme of tree work for winter 2016/17 with geographical focus on the Quay and the cycle lane. We have held a site meeting with residents and interested parties and are now consulting with the Tree Protection Officer and Planning and Regeneration before finalising proposals. Notices will go up shortly on site to inform the public about the planned work (to be carried out in November/ December; funded from the Coastal Communities budget).



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